Trident Alumni Charity Virtual Run & Cycle 2021

We had local and international participants and managed to achieve a total distance of 3000km for this virtual sporting event, despite the lockdowns!

trident alumni1

In line with this event, we hosted a series of sports-related workshops and also a sharing session by our beneficiary, Teach For Malaysia, to give our alumni a chance to meet with fellow alumni who are sports enthusiasts.

trident alumni2

For our first Trident Alumni workshop, we invited our BIS alumnus Jeric to talk about his vast running experience followed by a Monash alumnus Danny about his cycling experience bikepacking across the Japanese Alps and more. It was an inspiring sharing session with valuable tips on running and cycling!

trident alumni3

Following that, we had Taylor’s alumna Shu Faye for the second workshop on managing sports injuries. There are always possible risks of injury associated with sport and fitness activities. Sometimes, serious injuries start off as small ones. She taught us not to ignore any symptoms and seek medical attention if needed!

trident alumni4

Finally, a representative from Teach For Malaysia conducted a session on how they are making an impact in ending our nation’s education inequity. With the Covid-19 pandemic causing school closures, there is a significant risk of learning loss that may have long-term effects on school-going children.

trident alumni5

All event proceeds will be channelled to Teach For Malaysia in supporting the Leadership Development Programme. Heartfelt thanks to our alumni who joined hands together towards our education transformation!

Last but not least, we appreciate our event sponsors for their generosity in supporting our event. These sponsorships were possible through our strong network of alumni in many organisations and industries.

Keep an eye out for future sporting events!