School of Hospitality’s Partners with HotShoes for a Virtual Community Hangout

On this panel, the speakers include: Mr Lee Mark (COO of the Hot Shoe Show & Co Sdn Bhd), Mr Dirk Coetsee (Co-founder of Custom Performance Coaching (CPC)), Ms Hairani M Nur (Senior Teaching Fellow of the School of Hospitality), and Ms Irene Ng Wei Na (School of Hospitality student). With a special guest appearance of Ms Lee Yvonne (Miss World Malaysia 2012), this particular episode also featured discussions on practical tips and tricks on getting prepared to enter into the job market.

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The session began with a discussion on the “concept of community”. Dirk mentioned that in a traditional setting of a community, there are leaders who are outspoken and often become representation of the community. However, there should also be a need to support one another. He also added that a community needs to co-create as a whole in order to be successful. In the varsity context, Ms Hairani M Nur also mentioned that a “community culture” is cultivated through group work. This is more significant in the area of study for events management, where teamwork is essential in the planning and implementation of projects and events. Irene Ng also recalled that being a king scout during her schooling days builds a strong sense of community. For a community concept to be effective, Dirk also added that there is a need for common goals within the community. This common goal factor gives each individual within a community a purpose-driven life. Mr Lee Mark also further steer the discussion by asking the online participants on what is the most important value within a community. Though integrity, authenticity and clarity are some pertinent components, the most-voted value was “respect”.

Moving on to the next segment of this virtual event, there were also insights to staying motivated and how motivation differs from inspiration. Dirk mentioned that motivation is skewed towards an internal drive, where it requires tremendous discipline. Irene also added inspiration comes from an external factor such as a person, an object or even an occasion. Putting this into perspective, Hairani also mentioned how one student has actually motivated and inspired her in her career as a lecturer in Sunway University – despite the challenges and issues faced by students, one would never know how these circumstances could shape and mould them to transition into the next phase of life.

This episode also included a chat session with the notable Ms Lee Yvonne, Miss World Malaysia 2012 on how she overcome her challenges during this time of uncertainty and the need to be mindful when living in the public eye. With mental health being advocated more significantly than ever, Yvonne also added that there is a need to let one’s conscience serve as a reminder before diving into a specific action, and be mindful of the consequences that follow. The YOLO Happy Hour is a platform is a fortnightly virtual talk session to engage with the community and to provide youths with a networking platform, enabling them to be prepared for a post-education environment.