Riddle me this at “Kahoot your IQ”

This idea came about when the event-organising committee was inspired by their childhood memories, where friends would riddle each other and laughter was shared.

This virtual event is part of the Introduction to Events Management module where students are mentored by School of Hospitality’s academicians Ms Hairani M Nur and Ms Farah Atiqah. In this module, basic events management concepts are being introduced and students are required to plan and implement a small-scale event in a practical scenario.

kahoot IQ

Online events have been a trend, and it is great to witness how students within the School could innovate ideas to engage with people around the country. Not only does this event emphasises the values of friendship and teamwork, but also tests one’s general knowledge. On the day of the event, over 60 participants joined in the fun. The quiz was hosted on Zoom, a virtual platform for meetings, webinars and conferences.  An entertaining element was also included in this event: the “Get Fit” fitness performance.

Ms Hairani M Nur also mentioned that “Despite being in Semester 1, the students demonstrated flexibility and independence in taking on new challenges. These are important skills needed not only in the events industry, but also the service industry at large”.