Putting Measures into Place

Sunway Education Group chief executive officer Elizabeth Lee said the university is ensuring working spaces and communal areas throughout the campus, such as labs, library, lounges and cafeteria, have social distancing measures in place.

“We are also exploring the use of more partitions.

“With all these precautionary measures in place, we look forward to welcoming back our students to campus.”

The university, she said, enforces health and safety requirements strictly; in addition to the compulsory wearing of face masks, temperature checks will be administered by the campus security department at all entry gates into the campus.

All staff have to declare their health status daily upon entry, and the same will apply to students.

putting measure in place
Sweet-smelling sanitisers: Sunway University produced hand sanitisers which include essential oils such as lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus and fresh citrus for its students and staff.

“Staff members who are currently back at work are appropriately and physically distanced to minimise physical contact,” she said.

The varsity has also been producing hand sanitisers in preparation for the return of their students.

While hand sanitisers follow a standard formula recommended by the World Health Organisation, the ones prepared by Sunway University include essential oils such as lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus and fresh citrus.

Sunway University senior laboratory coordinator Norha Saifudin said it took the team three days to produce it.

“We added essential oils for their antibacterial and antiviral properties against human pathogens which also helps to reduce the alcohol smell.

“The alcohol is measured and poured into a large bottle, into which hydrogen peroxide and glycerol are added, topped with sterile distilled water and mixed.

“The solution is then dispensed into 50ml plastic bottles, and quarantined for 72 hours before use to ensure any spores present in the bottles are destroyed,” she said.

Preparing large volumes of the hand sanitisers and dispensing it into 2,000 bottles that was distributed to the group’s staff were some of the hurdles she and her team faced.

Norha said it took the team four to five hours to prepare the hand sanitisers.

The group also worked with Malaysian fashion designer Zang Toi on creating reusable and washable fabric masks.

“The health and well-being of our staff, as well as students, is our utmost priority.

“It’s also great to see Zang Toi and Dr Mama work with us on this to help break the chain of infection,” Lee said.