Prof. Graeme Atherton, Prof. Glenda Crosling and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angela Lee Siew Hoong are Recipients of UNESCO-UNEVOC Grant

The Project Team Leader Professor Graeme Atherton (CHER Adjunct Professor and Professor at the University of West London, UK) with the team members: Professor Glenda Crosling (Head, CHER) and Associate Professor Dr. Angela Lee Siew Hoong (Head, Department of Computing and Information Systems, School of Engineering and Technology) worked on the project titled "Creating an Online Repository on Digital Skills and Competence in TVET".

The focus of this project is to identify the digital competencies frameworks specific to TVET. The review and presentation of this outcome will be considered and approved by UNESCO for consideration on their webpage. The framework revolves around applying digital competencies in work-based learning and apprenticeships, digital skills for multi-generational teachers and learners, competence design in different regions in digital technologies.