Pivoting in the Pandemic: Cultural Exchange

The programme was to connect students from both universities, providing the opportunity for them to have a taste of the Lancaster experience. Happening from 3rd to 7th August 2020, 5 Chancellors Scholars from Sunway University were involved.

Virtual Exchange
On the first day, the students were welcomed by the Chancellor of Lancaster University, The Rt Hon Alan Milburn. They were then briefed on the intricacies of the Sunway-Lancaster partnership by Professor Andrew Abbott, the Academic Dean of the Sunway University partnership and had an interactive session with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Global (Digital, International, Sustainability & Development), Professor Simon Guy. The students were then given a virtual tour of the campus and town along with an interactive session with college managers to understand the collegiate system at Lancaster University. The students also had various immersive British experiences such as having Elevenses with the Global Experiences team, social events with Lancaster University students (Bingo Night, British Snacks Night and a telematch about British culture). The programme then ended with a British-themed dinner where the students experienced 'pub grub'!

Through this programme, the students managed to develop meaningful encounters, create global solidarity, experience intercultural learning and learned new things about the British culture that will definitely empower them in their upcoming adventures.