Paralogical Machines at Wei-Ling Contemporary in Kuala Lumpur

The exhibition presented works by leading media artists from around the world. The exhibition focused on questions of how media art is developing in an age where the image can become more environmental. It asked what happens when the image leaves the frame to engage with us in a more direct fashion. The works shown included Tintin Wulia’s A Thousand and One Martian Nights, first shown at the 2017 Venice Biennale, Uninvited a new work by UBRMORGEN & Nye Thompson, and Erika Tan’s The Forgotten Weaver.

CRCDM member Kenneth Feinstein curated the show as well as exhibiting the work Post Box Cinema, a project first developed through a CRCDM grant. This exhibition comes out of continuing work Assoc Prof Feinstein has been doing regarding media culture and how it has been developing in contemporary culture.

paralogical machine

The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by a panel discussion by Assoc Prof Feinstein and Prof Hand Bernhard (UBERMORGEN) form the Cologne Academy of New Media, Germany, moderated by Yap Sau Bin from MultiMedia University, Malaysia.