“No, I Don’t Have Time for That”: Exploring Leisure Patterns Among Urban Indian Youth In Kuala Lumpur

Her research explored leisure patterns in the lives of a specific urban-dwelling community, even as leisure is said to be a new identity marker in modern society. Adolescents living in Kuala Lumpur, attending either schools or colleges and of the Indian community, are the target group of this research. Using an age cum ethnographic lens, this paper is an exploratory attempt to capture the values and attitudes of these young people’s choices in leisure pursuits. Regional narratives of leisure patterns are usually devoid of data on younger persons’ lives.

urban leisure

Sally’s research passion as an urban social geographer is exploring how identity markers like gender, age, or ethnicity, can make a difference in everyday life experiences. She enjoys sharing her research in inter-disciplinary platforms, as these bring out the best of all trades. Sally’s paper was chosen as Best Paper at the 2nd International Conference on Health-Oriented Tourism & Hospitality (ICoHOTH) 2019 and her latest international author credit is a chapter on ethnicity and friendships in a Canadian publication (Demeter Press, 2019).

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