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Geran is a Malaysian film that showcases the traditional Malay martial art of silat, called Gayong Pusaka and follows the story of two siblings who try to defend their honour and their land from being taken away, after the youngest brother disappeared and mortgaged the land's grant to a loan shark.


Hazlin, who worked as the First Assistant Director and Line Producer of the film, shared that Geran, under The Layar Pictures and Tree of Hopes Productions film, was a passion project made purely independently with little to no budget. “We literally had a script, a camera, and a group of great friends and family members who believed in us. Hazlin is not the only one from the School of Arts that participated in the making of this film, as many of the DFP students were involved “keeping the ship afloat”. Amyrul Fahmi, Alisha Claran, Derrick Ong, and Chan Cheok Hymm worked within the Director’s team, Camera Technical team, and doubled up as the sound recordist. DFP also sponsored the usage of go-pro cameras as well as the sound recording devices for the film.


“I can proudly say that SOA supported us in the making of this film in some small way too.”


Hazlin along with many others who worked on Geran was very touched by the international recognition that the film was able to gain. She expressed that the impact of a no-budget film getting international recognition by NYAFF was an eye opener to a lot of the industry players.

“[It was] quite surreal for us all.”

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