Kenyir For Life: Saving The Malayan Tiger And More, For Life

kenyir for life

In this inaugural webinar on tigers by Terengganu State Parks, Prof. Reuben gave a talk about his experience working on this species, starting out as a PhD student doing field work in Kenyir, after which he continued monitoring tiger populations and worked with his team to reduce poaching and habitat loss. After several years of lobbying, Prof. Reuben and his team managed to protect his PhD study site - this area is now known as the Kenyir State Park and spans 30,000 hectares (roughly the size of Penang Island). He also highlighted how the Terengganu State Parks Management Council and his team are currently working together in the Kenyir For Life project to help to protect tiger habitats in the 288,000-hectare Kenyir watershed, which is a vital area not just for tigers, but also for other kinds of biodiversity and local livelihoods. You find the link to the recorded webinar here: