International Collaborative Project by HUMAC, Funlead Corp and Aerosense Inc in Japan Nikkei Newspaper

The proposal’s name is “Using drone and high-resolution imagery technology to predict plant health and artisanal-fishing in mangrove/nipah and riverine ecosystems in Sarawak”.  The proposal was adopted in the International Collaborative Research Grant 2021 to promote collaborative work between APT members and Japan companies.

Drone and high resolution image

Malaysia, during the 2004 Sumatra offshore tsunami, the coastline of peninsular Malaya experienced less damage in the well protected mangrove areas. Since 2005, government agencies have been actively working on the conservation of mangrove.

In Sarawak, mangrove coverages make up 22% of the entire mangrove areas in Malaysia. Maintaining the ecosystem formed by mangroves, also known as the "cradle of life in the sea", is an urgent issue in realizing sustainable fishing in the region.

The demonstration of experiment will be conducted in Sarawak’s Rajang mangrove national park, the work is to collect scientific data to help government policy decisions for mangrove conservation, to visualize, to create the map of distribution and growth of mangroves.

In this demonstration of experiment adopted in the "International Collaborative Research Program 2021", Sunway University is the programme owner, Aerosense is responsible for drone’s data capture and analysis, funlead will analyze the data.

Through this demonstration of experiment, we aim to contribute to disaster prevention, fishing, and climate change.

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