Information Session on Postgraduate Psychology Programmes in the UK, Australia and the USA

A total of 16 students attended, with majority of them scheduled to graduate in 2022 or 2023. Students stayed on for the whole session, and their feedback were positive, as they found the event helpful and informative. They gained insights into postgraduate education in Australia, United Kingdom and United States, as well their career prospects, entry requirements, fees and scholarship.

postgraduate psychology info session

One of the students, Thomas Goh Zi Wei recapped, “After attending this info session, I learnt a lot about entry requirements, scholarship opportunities, and postgraduate learning environments in Australia, UK, USA. I also understand how competitive clinical psychology programmes are due to their limited slots for applicants, and their strict entry requirements, especially on academic performance and work experience. I also learnt about other other psychology-related postgrad degrees offered such as suicidology, social work, and applied behaviour analysis”. Overall feedback was that the webinar session was definitely helpful for the students to plan ahead their study abroad experience.

Professor Alvin Ng Lai Oon, Associate Dean (Engagement and Internationalisation) commented, “In these challenging times of the pandemic, approaches to postgraduate studies have changed significantly. Such information session is very valuable to guide current students who are interested to pursue further academic qualifications, especially when securing jobs after graduating with a basic degree seems to be more difficult in such times.”

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