An Immersive Experience with the School of Hospitality

All staff within the University put together a lot of time and effort to make this event a success.

The weekend began on high note with a meet-and-greet session with Professor Chef Patrick Siau Chi Yin, Practice Professor of Culinary Arts. Sweet treats were prepared to whet the appetites of the guests. During this session, Professor Chef Patrick Siau displayed many pastries and desserts, which required various skills, techniques and tools to prepare. Guests also get to discover about presentation, ingredient selection, nutrition, and many more. Apart from that, Chef Lee Han Ying also carried out “The Taste of Black Gold” cooking demonstration. Truffle may also be known as the “black gold” of gastronomy. During this demo, Chef Han Ying shared about how truffles are being harvested and processed. It is considered a novelty because it is not easily cultivated or picked, and there is a limited window to be consumed when fresh.

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Students of the School of Hospitality Mohamad Faris bin Ahmad Anwar, Ndinatsei Patience Kayitano and Nyasha Mary Kayitano also volunteered to be part of this event by becoming a hospitality host – welcoming guests and making sure they feel welcomed at the School’s facilities. Many other students including Sadia Alam Puspita, Tyrone Vicshan, Ansari Anwar, Stephanie Savy De St Maurice, Aaya Qureshi and Vimbai Kanenungo also participated in the event as Student Ambassadors who ushered visitors around the University. It was great to see students from various nationalities represent the School of Hospitality.

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Through Open Day events, the lecturers within the School also have the opportunity to meet their respective aspiring students. Visiting parents also get to ask questions pertaining to the teaching methods, student welfare and learning environment. It was a great weekend for being able to showcase the School to the public.