Dr. Shakardokht Jafari Recognised for Her Impactful Research by Innovate UK

This video, features the work of the collaboration between Dr Shakardokht and the Head, Research Centre for Applied Physics and Radiation Technologies, Professor David Andrew Bradley. Dr. Shakardokht was a former Ph.D. student of Professor David Andrew Bradley. She founded TRUEinvivo Limited after discovering that glass beads are excellent radiation detectors that can be used to improve the survival rates in radiotherapy.

The photo shows part of an event held at the British Houses of Parliament, fronted by the UK government funding agency 'Innovate UK', honouring a very select group of women who have made considerable progress in their work, aided by Innovate UK funding.

Professor Bradley (Non-Executive Director of TRUEinvivo) and Dr Shakardokht Jafari continue to work together, with TRUEinvivo focusing on bead technology and the group in Malaysia (Sunway University, Multimedia University, and the University spinoff Lumisyns Sdn. Bhd.) on real-time Radioluminescence dosimetry.