Dr. Perline Siek and Her Students Designed a Series of Illustrated Books in Conjunction With Unesco's World Book Capital 2020 (KLWBC)

On the 12th of November 2021, they successfully launched a series of illustrated books in collaboration with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia (TECO), National Department of Culture and Arts (JKKN), National library and Department of Indigenous Development (JAKOA). The set of books will be distributed to all elementary and secondary school libraries, national libraries, and state libraries in Malaysia. It covers legends and stories of the Indigenous People of Malaysia and Taiwan and Malaysian Local Cultural Stories. The book series consists of three bilingual (Malay and Chinese) illustrated books, namely: 
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Book 1, part A (120 pages- Flip from right to left): Legends and Stories of the Indigenous People of Malaysia, containing a total of six Orang Asli stories.

Book cover designed by BDC student Lee Yin Zhi.
All stories designed and illustrated by BDC students: 
Anna Ch’ng Xin Rou, Joycelnn Bong, Nadirah Mustagpa, Siew Jia Yi, Wong Su Yen, and Zainab Ahmed Adeem. 

Book 1, part B (Flip from left to right): Taiwan's Relations with the Nation Austronesian Language group, containing a total of five stories.
Book cover designed by BDC student Lee Yin Zhi.
All stories designed and illustrated by Dr. Perline Siek.
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Book 2 (100 pages): Malaysian Local Cultural Stories, containing nine stories.

Book cover designed by BDC student Kam Qi Nan.
A total of six stories designed and illustrated by BDC students:
Adelyn Lo Ai Xiann, Claudia Chang Shan Yue, Ivy Ng Wen Hui, Kam Qi Nan, Vo Anh Khoa, Kok Zhi Qing, and Mohd Shafiq Zaqrin Bin Mohd Zahar.
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Book 3 (230 pages): Taiwanese Local Cultural Story 
Book cover illustrated by our BDC student Kok Zhi Qing.
One of the stories was illustrated by Dr. Perline Siek.

The rest were provided by Taiwan.