Dr Mark Hampton at the School of Hospitality’s Research Seminar

South-East Asia has seen incredible growth in international tourism since the 1960s, and the sector has been used to drive economic growth. In this seminar, Dr Hampton gave an overview from his research in the region over the last 20 years. The seminar also discussed the relationship between tourism and economic development; the main phases of tourism development in South-East Asia and whether or not tourism-led growth can become more inclusive for host communities and reduce poverty.

Article 3-1

Dr Mark Hampton joined the University of Kent in 2005 in Tourism Management at Kent Business School (KBS). In January 2017, Dr Hampton joined the School of Anthropology and Conservation as a joint appointment with KBS. Before the University of Kent, Mark held lecturing posts at the Universities of Surrey and Portsmouth.  Dr Hampton has a long-term research interest in the geographies of tourism and development, specifically the socio-economic impacts of tourism in developing countries and especially in South-East Asia.

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This seminar series is part of SOH’s commitment to strive for research excellence where faculty members and other academicians are provided with an excellent opportunity to exchange research expertise and ideas, which will pave the way for future research collaborations.

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Throughout this series leading academics and distinguished guest speakers, as well as faculty staff members, will be invited to share the latest research advances in their field, especially to contribute to the continuing professional development of the faculty.

All university colleagues are welcome to attend the SOH Research Seminar Series, as well as staff from other universities. For details of forthcoming sessions, please contact Dr Daisy at daisyk@sunway.edu.my.