UP CLOSE: Living Wild! African Wildlife Through the Lens of NJ Wight

Her vivid imagery combined with a lively narrative come together in this UP CLOSE: Living Wild! adventure in Africa.

Canadian born Nancie Wight worships at the altar of digital content–in all its forms–and has spent 25 years playing in the intersections of technology, communication, media and art. From pioneering digital media curriculum in the early nineties, to producing first generation mobile content, to exhibiting an online portfolio currently reaching 290k people through social media touch-points, Nancie has worked creatively in the digital content space for the past 25 years. A trip to Africa in 2008 would unknowingly change her life and she abandoned the Boardroom for the backseat of a Land Rover. As a wildlife photographer and storyteller, she brings her audience Up Close to the extraordinary Wild! Life that has transformed her thinking and shaped her creative expression. With a growing urgency, she is working to educate and spark a connection between her audience, the extraordinary animals she photographs and the conservation crisis that is threatening their existence.


The wild spaces of Africa engage the senses like no other place I have been. From the texture of elephants–the living landscapes that are fading from view, to the iconic lion whose roar must now be heard around the world, there is a heightened urgency to explore and capture her breathing wonder. NJ Wight