Best Presentation Awards For Deserving Academics From the Department Of Psychology

Both of them were award best presenters in their respective sessions. Sincere congratulations on their profound success!
The ICEMT 2020 provided a platform for the scholarship of teaching and learning using multimedia technology. It gathered scholars and renowned specialists from around the world. Memorable keynotes were presented by Professor Mido Chang of Florida International University, USA, who shared practical and benefits of collaborative learning strategies in remote classrooms; Prof Chen Kuan Chou of Purdue University Northwest, USA, on how student demographic changes produced challenges and issues towards teaching and learning in higher education in American universities; and Prof Leung Yiu-Wing of Hong Kong Baptist University on teaching pedagogies for handling weak computing students in large university classes in Hong Kong. Accepted and presented at the conference papers are scheduled for publishing in the ACM Digital Library and will be indexed by SCOPUS and Web of Science. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire conference was carried out virtually in the cyberspace.

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Elaine presented results of her research “Understanding how eLearning Tools Influence Self-Efficacy and Instructor Connectedness: A Sunway College Preliminary Study” where she found that interactive whiteboards but not gamified e-quizzes made students feel closer towards their instructors.

Elaine Yong’s cover slide of her winning presentation at the ICEMT’2020
Elaine Yong’s cover slide of her winning presentation at the ICEMT’2020

In her future study, she intends to validate the preliminary findings using different student populations considering that the COVID-19 pandemic created new classroom norms requiring instructors to embrace blended and online teaching. Through the ICEMT’2020, Elaine found that Prof Chen’s daily living teaching pedagogy resonated the most with her own teaching philosophy. She was also reminded not to be complacent and keep up with new teaching technologies that change very quickly, as it could be seen in historical advancements of personal media devices - a topic covered at the conference by Prof Akihiko Sugiyama (Yahoo! Japan Research).       
Eliza reported on her findings in “Exploring Transmedia Storytelling as an Approach to Assessment in Problem-Based Learning” that was based on the recently developed edutainment approach. The idea of her research was originated from the reflections on teaching practices and learning experience while undertaking the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice conferred by Lancaster University. Eliza evaluated transmedia storytelling as a part of her assessment strategy for undergraduate psychology program students. She found that the approach could be incorporated as part of the assessments in higher education as it fulfilled academic expectations while maintaining student motivation. It was also beneficial as an interactive platform for communication between educators, students, and the general public.

Eliza’s cover slide of her winning presentation at the ICEMT 2020
Eliza’s cover slide of her winning presentation at the ICEMT 2020

During the Q&A session after her presentation, Eliza had a fruitful discussion regarding the further options on introducing her approach for assessments in the problem-based learning while allowing evaluation of ‘unattended’ parts of the group work (e.g., the interaction between group members, coordination, leadership, punctuality in completing assigned small tasks, conflict resolution, etc.). Eliza is keen to conduct further research on the potentials of online platforms in improving the assessment methods in tertiary education.
Professor Alvin Ng, Head of the Department of Psychology is delighted with the success of Elaine and Eliza: “It’s so awesome that not one, but two delegates from Sunway University got awarded as best presenters at a reputable international conference on education and multimedia technology! This showcases the quality of research and research-informed education we offer at Sunway. To be recognised this way is a testament to our staff efforts in advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning.”

Professor Serge Demidenko, Dean of the School of Science and Technology added: “The success of Elaine Yong, FHEA and Eliza Berezina, PhD is a valuable contribution towards further strengthening the on-going upward progression of the academic reputation of our Department of Psychology, School of Science and Technology, and the entire Sunway University. The awards are also a clear commendation of the value and quality of their academic work.”
We congratulate Elaine and Eliza for being acknowledged as top presenters in their efforts to share their research at the world stage, despite the current global pandemic. Their wins have also increased Sunway University’s presence as an educational institution with serious focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning in an age of digital technology.