Yee Kar Men

kar men
I was 13 when I was diagnosed with scoliosis and was encouraged to undergo operation. However, I was lucky to be given another option, chiropractic. I remember how devastated I was when I had to pull out of MSSM that year and worst of all, my chiropractor told my mom that I’ll have to quit bowling forever as one-handed sport is bad for my spine especially during puberty phase where I’m growing so fast.

God was with me, I was given a second lifeline in bowling. After my condition improved, I was allowed to do light bowling and at the same time, making sure that my spine doesn’t deteriorate. My peers trained in the lanes for 5/6 times a week where I could only manage once a week. I have to be more focused and cherish every training. I worked very hard and my spine was improving and so I could pick up my favourite sport again.

When I was 15, stepping into the lanes, I always see a group of people wearing navy blue “Team Sunway” shirt, training under my coach. I remember telling my coach, one day, I have to represent Team Sunway too. Once I graduated from high school, I immediately enrolled with Sunway College to do my foundation and now ACCA, and nothing makes me prouder than getting the Sunway Sports Scholar. It’s special and a dream come true to me because to me, it’s prestigious. Personal preference, all this meant so much more to me than representing the state every year. What’s better than studying at your favourite university and doing your favourite sports while enjoying the privileges of being a sports scholar?

Thank you Sunway for giving me this opportunity to wear the Team Sunway t-shirt and to be representing the university every year, it is indeed a great honour to me.

Yee Kar Men
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
Sunway Sports Scholarship