Sharlini A/P Anantha Raj


Having many aspects of my life crumble during my pre-university studies in Sunway I left the comfort of my “home-away-from-home” and took a drastic decision of entering another university to pursue my bachelor’s degree in computer science. Being there, I realized that the course I was doing was something I was not interested. I felt helpless and hopeless as leaving was not a choice for me due to my financial situations and difficult family circumstances. My lifestyle in that institution was extremely different due to various reasons such as blatant racism which made it even more difficult to fit in.

My dream to open a school for children with special needs drove me to choose a major in Psychology and receiving the scholarship from Sunway gave me a chance to work towards that dream. This made me realize that there is always hope and help given when you need it the most. #MySunwayStory started when I was awarded as a recipient of this scholarship. I’ve been blessed with tremendous opportunities to gain practical skills through extra-curricular activities such as involving myself in clubs like Peer Counselling Volunteers, Sunway Student Volunteers and Sunway Student Ambassadors. Besides that, my part-time job at the Sunway library has taught me to be more responsible and improved time-management skills. These opportunities have provided me with a platform to enhance my skills and given me a chance to look at this world with a brand-new perspective. I knew for a fact that when I graduate from Sunway, I’ll be able to make a positive change in society.

Home is somewhere where you can be yourself and a place where you feel comfortable. Sunway is now my home, a place where I can truly be my best self. Here I am accepted despite my differences. I have even made friends from various backgrounds who are now my family that would go to great extends to help me during difficult times. I look forward to leaving a mark in this world as a proud Sunway student. Sunway University truly is a place of opportunity.

Sharlini A/P Anantha Raj
BSc (Hons) Psychology
Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship