Renee Fong

Hi, my name is Renee Fong, and I am a fresh graduate from BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance. I come from a single-parent background, as my father passed away due to a heart attack when I was young. Life was a challenge without the family’s breadwinner, which impacted our family tremendously, both financially and emotionally. Hence, to alleviate the financial burden placed upon my family, I was determined to be a cut above others and excel in both academics and sports in high school to secure a scholarship for tertiary education. Driven by the resolution to provide a brighter future for my family, I resolved to work extremely hard in all aspects of my life. And the fruits of my labour finally paid off when I was fortunate enough to represent my district and state for taekwondo (sparring category) and even win multiple competitions. Even to this day, one of my most evocative memories remains the moment when I triumphed over numerous outstanding competitors to secure the national taekwondo championship. The five months of intense and gruesome training beforehand had finally paid off.

Reneee Fong

As a student-athlete, balancing both competitive sports with my academics was challenging. Nonetheless, I was still determined to succeed in my academics, just as was the case for taekwondo. In the end, my perseverance and grit paid off as I passed my SPM with flying colours. After sharing my hardship and excellent track record during the interview, I landed the prestigious Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship (“JCF Scholarship”) into Sunway College. With the same drive and motivation, I was determined to galvanize the same vitality in pursuing my degree in 2018.

My journey in Sunway has been nothing short of extraordinary. I was dazzled by the top-notch facilities and comfortable environment the Sunway campus provided. The JCF scholarship has allowed me to receive a first-rate holistic education; the lecturers were extremely accommodating, helpful, and knowledgeable. During my second year, semester 1, I found it particularly tough to adapt to the coursework. Still, fortunately, my lecturers were more than willing to spend extra time demystifying the concepts and ensuring that I understood the materials perfectly. Furthermore, the lecturers would also occasionally share their working experience, industry insights, and wisdom to prepare us for our future work life. Additionally, Sunway Career Service always supported the students by organizing career talks and workshops to provide career guidance to students. Nevertheless, during my time in Sunway, I had the opportunity to cross paths with so many people by actively participating in several clubs and societies as well as contributing to society by clubs such as the Sunway Student Volunteer Society.

I will eternally be grateful to Sunway University for believing in me and bestowing me the JCF Scholarship to have an opportunity in this renowned organization. Today, I have graduated with a first-class degree and am now pursuing my dream career. Sunway has allowed me to discover my passion and provided me with a great impetus in achieving my ambition; there is always comprehensive support and immense encouragement from the institution to nurture us as students and individuals.

Through my story, I hope to motivate my juniors that nothing is impossible so long as we remain firm in the face of adversity and continue chasing our dreams. This is my #MySunwayStory, and always remember that the dark days will eventually pass, and we will come out of it shining even more dazzlingly.

Renee Fong
BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance
Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship