R Jay Shrie S Ragubathi

“When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don’t give up.”
― Roy T. Bennett

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. I hail from Ipoh, and being the only child to my parents meant having only the best. Be it education or a finer lifestyle; my parents always strived to provide me with the best of everything, despite financial constraints. Initially, things were going smoothly as my father worked assiduously in the mining industry in Namibia. Then, however, things suddenly took a turn for the unexpected when my father was forced to file a court action for theft... against his very own partners. Fortunately, my father was able to win the lawsuit. But nevertheless, his license remains un-reinstated even now, 12 years after winning the case, due to the actions of dirty politicians.

r jay

As you may have guessed, our financial situation plummeted; financial distress constantly loomed over our family. Yet, despite this enormous setback, my parents never threw in the towel and persistently slogged to provide me with the necessary opportunities to succeed. Recognizing their tremendous sacrifice and dedication, I will eternally be grateful for their endless love, motivation, and support. They have indeed been my backbone from the beginning, and I know that they will continue to be so, ad infinitum.

In 2016, I began my journey in Sunway, pursuing Foundation in Arts (FIA), followed by a degree in Actuarial Sciences. I vividly remember how I toiled to get through my first year of Actuarial Sciences. Having always been a brilliant student beforehand, watching myself repeatedly fail despite numerous attempts, hours of revising, and even assistance from peers and lecturers shattered my spirit completely. Nevertheless, I predominantly credit the counselors of the Student LIFE department for helping me recognize my true passion for another field— Psychology. Furthermore, my involvement in Peer Counseling Volunteer and Peer 2 Peer further established my confidence, bestowing me the necessary courage to take the leap of faith. Keeping in mind my family’s financial challenges and not wanting to burden them even more, I decided to apply for a scholarship. I distinctly remember a million thoughts racing through my mind whilst I was filling up the form; was this going to be the beginning of a new journey or the end of a dream?

Attached to every nook and corner of Sunway is a beautiful memory that I would cherish always. The college foyer, for example, is a personal favorite because it is where my friends and I burned the midnight oil before every exam. The Lecture theatres, too, carry loads of beautiful memories that I will treasure forever. I am grateful for the opportunity to become a committee member in Peer Counseling Volunteers. Here, I managed to obtain the experience of a lifetime and connected with the most dedicated lecturers and amazing friends who are family till today. Sunway has brought out the best in me amidst all the ups and downs. With that said, I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be a proud Sunway student! Sunway is indeed the #MostHappeningCampus.

Ultimately, what I have learned is that patience and dedication are key! It is important not to shy away from your dreams and wishes, no matter the circumstances. Everyone is flawed, but it takes only the strong-willed to embrace those flaws and transform them to become part of their unique individuality. So, believe in yourself and never give up! Success will truly be yours. I am R Jay Shrie, and this is #MySunwayStory.

R Jay Shrie S Ragubathi
BSc (Hons) Psychology
Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Community Scholarship