Natasha Maya Binti Chek Pa


The feeling of being blessed to have the opportunity to spend a few years of my life here in Sunway College, where it will be filled with memories that I will truly cherish for a lifetime.

It all started when I was 15, back then I was about to sit for my PT3 examination when I finally understood the utter importance of education, and that was a turning point for the better in my academic life. There wasn't a day that passes by where I fail to look up to my father, who graduated with a degree during the period where the importance of education was taken for granted.

Things took a 180 degree turn when I got the news that my father passed away, however that didn't manage to bring me down but it motivated me to be more determined than ever to strive for greatness in hopes of following my father's footsteps. #MySunwayStory started when I attained the Elena Cooke Education Fund, which helped me in my pursuit of higher education at Sunway College. If it were not for this scholarship and the people that supported me, I would most likely be working for years to afford higher education. My hopes for the friends and students reading this is that you would dedicate yourself towards achieving your goals because, in the end, it's always about the hard work you put in.

Natasha Maya Binti Chek Pa
Diploma in Communication
Sunway Education Group - Elena Cooke Education Fund