Michelle Lee Xi Foong

Michelle lee
When I first graduated high school, I wasn’t sure if I wanted or even could continue my sports journey. However when I came to Sunway University, I realised that I had the opportunity to continue sports while still pursuing my degree under the American Degree Transfer Program through the Sunway Sports Scholarship. Sunway University has given me the support and opportunity to continue training, competing and even studying.

I play netball for KL and am a state athlete. I mainly play for the under 21 team but also play open games. I started playing netball in high school just for fun when an external coach brought me in for the school team. After high school I went for an open tryout for netball and then eventually joined the KL state team.

Sydney McLaughlin, an USA runner, is my biggest inspiration. At only 20, she has accomplished so much already. I see myself completing my degree in the US and hopefully, I’ll still be doing competitive sports. My greatest accomplishment has been getting a 4.0 the last two semesters while juggling training. The lecturers are very accommodating and helpful when I face difficulties in my academics.

Michelle Lee Xi Foong
American Degree Transfer Program
Sunway Sports Scholarship