Lee Chun Fei

chun fei

I come from Seremban and I do not have a favourable background. This is #MySunwayStory. I have two brothers and two sisters who are half-blood with me. A year has passed and my father passed away, causing many issues to surface mainly insurance claims. I stayed with my mum and my half-blood siblings, who treated me well. Moments spent with my mother did not last long as she passed away due to ovarian cancer. Soon after that incident, I was looked after by my grandma and I felt very blessed to have gotten a shot at education after all these incidents. When I was 9, my grandma passed away and since my siblings were busy fulfilling their duty towards their jobs, business and family; they decided to send me to foster home: Charis Home.

During the four years I was there, it began to hit me that the environment of the home is not an ideal environment for me to grow up in as the guardian of the home couldn’t provide sufficient necessities for me and the other kids there. I implored my sister to bring me out of the home and I explained to her about my current dilemma. After that, she brought me to live with her until I end my secondary school education. Barely reaching 15 years old, I had to work part-time to manage my daily expenses and tuition fees. The working life was really difficult to manage at the beginning, but soon, I adapted to it as time passed by. Going back and forth from school and work on the bus was my daily routine and it was tiring. After graduating, I decided to return to my hometown and work full-time. I planned to save enough money from working for me to afford college fees while sustaining myself financially, in the meantime, I also looked up for available scholarships wherever I could find them.

After 2 years of working, I applied to study ACCA at Sunway College. During the time I spent here, I know that I was provided with a quality education that could nurture me into someone useful to society. However, after a few months into the programme, I realised that my current savings cannot cover my expenses and tuition fees. I was desperate to find a solution for this dilemma as this was one of those times where things were going right for me and I don’t want to lose this opportunity. At that quandary, I applied to the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Community Scholarship and I managed to receive it. Currently, I am continuing my studies and back to my ordinary life where I could afford my necessities; thanks to the scholarship that I was graciously awarded by the Sunway Education Group.

Lee Chun Fei
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Jeffrey Cheah Community Scholarship