Khoo Ming Tsu


“Good afternoon! Is this Ming Tsu? We are calling from the Sunway Scholarship Unit to inform you that you have secured the Sunway Excellence Scholarship. Congratulations!!” Immediately after I hung up the phone, I ran to my dad, “pa, remember the interview I had for my scholarship a few weeks ago?! They just called and told me I got the offer!!” It was one of the best days I had; I could still remember how exhilarated I felt, and I couldn’t help but smile and skip around for the entire day. And thus began #MySunwayStory.

Hi! I am Ming Tsu, from Penang Island. A Penangite living near the coast that loves transforming the freshest seafood into delectable dishes. And yes, I have a great passion for cooking and constantly enjoy exploring new recipes. Thus, I decided to pursue a degree in International Hospitality Management.

‘If you genuinely want something hard enough, life eventually gives it to you.’ is a quote that I firmly live by. Therefore, since my foundation years, I have always set my sights on attaining the Sunway Excellence Scholarship. To me, having a goal motivates me to always strive to push myself and become better. Thus, I always loved to keep myself occupied in the happenings of the school. Fortunately, Sunway University offers various unique clubs and societies for students to indulge in. While at University, I was part of AIESEC and Sunway Hospitality Club. My experience in these clubs provided a platform to network with other talented and enthusiastic individuals and even broaden my horizon toward various perspectives. Indeed, one of the best things I was exposed to was the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which Sunway University greatly emphasizes. Even in AIESEC, we always planned projects revolving around the SDGs; it was truly remarkable to witness our hard work create tangible positive impacts on society.

Now that I have graduated, I look forward to channeling all the various skills and knowledge that Sunway University has equipped me with into my upcoming business venture. I hope my passion for the F&B industry will always be there with me while I deliver products and services that touch the hearts and souls of people. In ten years, if I had the chance, I wish to bring my success back to Sunway and celebrate Sunway’s success in reaching another milestone in its journey together.

Khoo Ming Tsu
BSc (Hons) in International Hospitality Management
Sunway University Excellence Scholarship