Jynn Kok E-Lynn



After completing my exhilarating AUSMAT course at Sunway College, I felt lost and confused about my path going forward. My past experience at Sunway College had been an outstanding one with superb facilities, inspirational lecturers, and compassionate staff. Hence, as I mulled over the various local and overseas universities, I pondered heavily whether I would be able to acquire an experience akin to that of my college days.


My main concern had been the financial burden to be carried by my mother. Coming from a single mother household, it was no easy matter for her to shoulder the education costs for my younger sister and me. Thankfully, my grandparents generously supported us through our childhood, always encouraging us to push further and do our best. Witnessing my mother's strong resolve to persevere at all times galvanized me to work hard to repay her.

After two months of deep introspection, I discovered my love for psychology. Immediately, I decided to enroll in Sunway University. Being a proud graduate of Sunway College, I was incredibly blessed to be awarded the Jeffrey Cheah ACE Scholarship. However, I soon came across the Chancellor's Scholarship of Sunway University and Lancaster University. My heart thumped rapidly as I scanned the scholarship details, and initially, I remained skeptical of my odds. But, with some encouragement from my grandmother, I decided to take a leap of faith and submitted my application form. Everything afterward seemed like a flash; I was shortlisted, experienced a challenging interview, and received a call.

"Congratulations, Jynn! You got the scholarship!"

All of time seemed to have froze at that instance; I was over the moon, tears of joy came galloping down my face, and a beaming smile plastered my face from ear to ear. No longer would my mother have to shoulder a financial burden for my sake. No longer would I have to dream of ways to make my mother and grandparents proud. By securing this scholarship, the Sunway Education Group has enabled me to achieve all that.

After some time on cloud nine, I felt touched by Sunway's generosity and was filled with zeal to find a way to repay them. Thus, I decided to take another leap of faith — I joined the Sunway University Student Council (SUSC) in 2020. Subsequently, in 2021, I ran for the role of president. Fast forward to the current time, I am immensely proud to be sharing my story as the 2021/2022 president of SUSC. With my wonderful crew, we work tirelessly to bridge a gap between students, staff, and external parties so as to deliver the quintessential experience to all Sunway University students. Furthermore, I will eternally be grateful for being able to work with such remarkable people in SUSC, from the Core Team to the Executive Members; they have filled my university life with so much more meaning and fulfillment than they realize. The work we do at SUSC always fills me with satisfaction beyond compare. Knowing that we can impact students' lives for the better lifts our (SUSC) hearts with overwhelming joy. Here, I can be certain that I have made some lifelong friends.

Being the President of SUSC, I have been also blessed with the opportunity to work alongside Sunway University's amazing staff; they are always keen to listen to the voice of students. Hence, I would like to express my gratitude to them for always being the generous and understanding individuals they are, and I hope that they will continue to do so, ad infinitum.

Ultimately, being at Sunway University has allowed me to discover my passions in and out of the classroom and has even encouraged me to become a more holistic person at heart. So, thank you so much to the community at Sunway Education Group for seeing the potential within me and bestowing me with this tremendous opportunity to grow. This has been #MySunwayStory, and know that I will always be #TeamSunway!

Jynn Kok E-Lynn
BSc (Hons) Psychology
The Chancellors Scholarship of Sunway University and Lancaster University