Jothi A/P Sakthi Velu


I can vividly picture my first visit to Sunway University attending a scholarship interview with my parents. I was astonished by the top-notch facilities and the comfortable environment provided for the students of Sunway Campus. I sat with my parents at the cafeteria while waiting my turn for the interview, I observed students walking past me consisting of people from all walks of life and I just felt like a small fish in a big pond.

After attending the interview, I headed back to my hometown, Melaka. Approximately 3 weeks later, I received a call from Sunway Education Group congratulating me on receiving the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship. It was a priceless and cherishable moment as all my hard work for the past few years has paid off in the form of attaining this scholarship and I managed to make my parents proud of me.

I am truly grateful that I have been offered the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship as it gave me new hope and opportunities. I was nervous and scared on my first day of college but I was deeply touched by the warm welcome from students, lecturers and staff of Sunway University. A million thanks to Sunway Education Group would not be enough for offering me this scholarship and bringing me a step closer in achieving my dreams. This is #MySunwayStory.

Jothi A/P Sakthi Velu
Foundation in Arts
Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship