Jeremy Tey


After finishing high school, I was unsure of where to go or what to do. However, after some recommendations and suggestions from my friends to join Sunway, I was intrigued and decided to go to one of Sunway's open days to explore my options. After registering for MUFY, my classes were scheduled to begin two weeks after, and thus begins #MySunwayStory. It was nerve-racking, having to meet a whole new bunch of people, and unsure of where to go to next.

As time passed, I met lots of new people, and naturally felt much belonged. One thing that really enhanced my experience were the lecturers who really helped me when I struggled through certain subjects such as Mathematics (which I suck at, haha!) and helped me excel at it. Without their help and guidance, I really wouldn't have been able to excel through my MUFY experience.

However, I was still quite apprehensive about joining clubs or societies in Sunway, until I took on my Communications degree at Sunway University. Seeing a recruitment post to help out for the HPAIR Conference in Sunway intrigued me, and one thing led to another, and here I am in Sunway Student Ambassadors. Moreover, I also had the opportunity to study at Lancaster University for one semester during my second year of the degree. The period I was in Lancaster made me more independent as I was living far from home. I also find it amusing with the lessons there has a large emphasis on critical thinking, and the class is very responsive in class. With the combination of opportunities and experiences that I have obtained here in Sunway Campus, I am always reminded how fortunate I am to have joined Sunway.

Jeremy Tey
BA (Hons) in Communication
Jeffrey Cheah Continuing Scholarship