Ho Ai Wei


As I write this, I reminisce about the countless cherished memories I've made throughout my 3 years at Sunway University. I am Ai Wei, a Communication graduate of Sunway University, and this is #MySunwayStory. After SPM, I pursued STPM to lessen my family's burden. However, I quickly uncovered that I had little aptitude for mathematics-related subjects, which prompted me to contemplate my future career path deeply. Finally, after some discussion, my parents agreed to allow me to pursue any degree I like after my STPM.

My scholarship journey is slightly different from other scholars, as I did not obtain my scholarship right from the get-go. In fact, my CGPA results were 0.1 short of the requirements. Nevertheless, my dad assured me that money wasn't an issue and that I could still pursue my goals at Sunway University, so I began studying there. Everything went swimmingly until my dad broke the news that our family had encountered financial issues, and I may have to drop out because of it. Instantly, my life felt like it came crashing down hard, but I knew I had to do something about it. So, I decided to try my luck at applying for the scholarship again. And to my wildest surprise, I was offered a chance at the interview! Days passed after my interview session until suddenly, I received a phone call informing me that I had secured a full scholarship! I was over the moon; I could finally enjoy my university days without worrying about my parents' financial burden.

The frequent garlic chicken rice session with my friends remains one of my most precious memories; it was truly a special moment where we could just relax and chit-chat. I also vividly remember sitting in Mr. Woody and Mr. Azman's office, listening to them distill sagacious advice forever engraved in my heart. Aside from assignments and exams, I also took up part-time jobs to sustain my own expenses. In retrospect, I am in awe at how I survived those busy days, but I am definitely proud of them. Ending #MySunwayStory, I would like to remind everyone to enjoy their university days and never rush to any endings because your life stories are meant to go through page by page, slowly and steadily. Always remember that it's our novels, and we are the authors; we can have many endings in our lives, but this is not the end yet. Every new beginning comes from another's end. Good luck, and may the force be with you!

Ho Ai Wei
BA (Hons) in Communication
Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship