Chin Zhi Thing

zhi ting

Life, as we all know, will never cease to send obstacles on our way. However, we won’t be left to face them alone, there are many good Samaritans and opportunities around, waiting to lend us a helping hand. I found one – Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Community Scholarship.

#MySunwayStory began when this scholarship became a tremendous help to me. Without it, I may have not been able to pursue my higher education. The expressions on my parents’ faces were priceless when they got the news of me successfully attaining this scholarship. We have struggled a lot financially, especially when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. I believe that my parents have given me the best life I could ever ask for, even though they might feel otherwise. My parents always reminded us of the importance of higher education, since they know what it is like to not have it.

The best experience I have gotten from this scholarship is that the Sunway Education Group, genuinely cares about me, my growth and my journey to pursue higher education. This is something I could have never gotten from any other scholarship and I am truly grateful and honoured for the awards and our wonderful relationship. Their dedication has helped me and other fellow scholars by making sure that we have a great fighting chance at making our way through college successfully, starting our professional life and eventually contributing back to the society in the future.

Chin Zhi Thing
Bachelor of Business Analytics (Hons)
Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Community Scholarship