Cheong Yi Sheng

yi sheng

Sports has changed my life drastically as it played a major role while I was growing up. It helped me develop many values in me that will prove beneficial to me for the rest of my life. When I was younger, I enjoyed playing computer games without giving it a halt, this affected both my studies and health as I lacked greatly in studying and exercising. When I was around the age of 12, I had discovered a sport - Fencing that I was extremely invested in, the more I indulge my being into it, the more I enjoyed it. However, it was only till my first competition, when I realised that if I wanted to be good at sports, I had to work much harder than I have ever done before. That realisation changed me from an extremely lazy person to a person aspiring to achieve his goals both in sports and in education.

Sports has also taught me to manage my time wisely as I quickly learnt that pursuing my dreams for both sport and education would be a near-impossible feat, especially now as I am doing my A-levels. Missing the 2019 SEA Games has only motivated me to train harder so that I would be able to participate and hopefully win a medal from the next SEA Games in Vietnam to honour my family, friends, country and Sunway Education Group that offered me a scholarship simply based on my mere sports background.

Obtaining the Sunway Sports Scholarship is one of the main reason why I feel privileged to be able to pursue A-Levels at Sunway College. I hope that I can utilize my scholarship to the fullest extent during my time here at Sunway and give back to society when I grow up. I faced little challenges here and there during my time in Sunway with adapting to the ups and downs of my course, but I will be ready for any challenges that will be coming my way in the future and this is #MySunwayStory.

Cheong Yi Sheng
Sunway Sports Scholarship