Brian Tee Ming Hao


The fear my family encountered when the head of the family passes away unexpectedly. I come from an average family, but I never felt that way because my parents always provided the best necessities for me and my two sisters despite struggling financially. They would work hard just to ensure we have enough resources. Thus, when it was time for me to further my studies in pre-University, I knew my parents got my back. My dad told me to apply for any college that I want, and he said: "Try to get a scholarship but if you can't, I’ll handle it". However, God had other plans for me, and my dad. My dad passed away in February 2019 due to a heart attack. I was very lost in that period because I had no idea how will I make it to college as my dad was the major income source of our family.

Then, I decided to put aside my studies for a few months to help my mum with her business. However, around May, my friend told me about Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship, and I thought I could give it a try. I went for the interview and thank God I was offered a full scholarship! This is how I started #MySunwayStory. Here in Sunway, I met a bunch of fun, energetic people. We play hard, but we take our studies seriously too. We encourage and support each other, physically, emotionally and mentally. We share many memorable moments here in Sunway college, and I’m glad that these awesome people are part of my college life because I am proud to say #OurSunwayStory is #MySunwayStory!

To the people out there who feel hopeless, I want to encourage you that there is always hope. Hope is something that we are constantly longing for, but to have hope, you have to know what you are longing for! Find a destination and work towards it, that’s what we call hoping! When the door seems to be closed, learn to look at the bigger picture and know that there is always a reason for everything that happens. I believe when God closes one door, He will open another one.

Brian Tee Ming Hao
Foundation in Science and Technology
Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship