Young Investors Week 2022, organised by Diploma in Business Administration program, Sunway Diploma Studies

Young Investors Week

The event was launched by Prof. Teo Ee Seng, accompanied by Pn. Adawiah Norli and Mr. Gobindran Raj and it was followed by two engagement sessions with industry experts. During the first engagement session, we were privileged to have Tn. Aliff Mazli from VI College to give a talk on “The New Age of Investing: Metaverse, Crypto & NFT”. Students were introduced to new trends and developments in the financial markets, which are future investment methods. The second engagement session was conducted by Mr. Shane Choo, a representative from Bursa Malaysia on “FATA Mastery”. This topic covered both the fundamental analysis and technical analysis in stock investments. It was meant to complement the basic fundamental analysis that students learnt in class. All activities took place at SunU JC2 hall, and it was also live-streamed to allow more participants to join and witness the event.

Day 2 – Educational trips to Bank Negara Museum and Bursa Malaysia.

The roles of Bank Negara in influencing the country’s economy, and the roles of Bursa Malaysia in the country’s stock exchange markets were part of what they learn in Micro/Macroeconomics and Principles of Business Finance 1 syllabus. The educational trips gave students the opportunity to enhance what they already know about these two institutions by learning their history and journey in leading the country to establish its monetary and fiscal policies and its stock exchange market that is at par with other countries’ stock exchange markets.

Day 3 – Explorace.

It was a day filled with fun activities where students were required to visit various check points and play games in order to obtain questions that will contribute to their group assignment marks. It was a different approach in assessing students’ understanding of the contents covered in class.

Day 4 – Closing ceremony.

The closing speech delivered by Dr. Hurul Ain as the lead of this 4-day event marked the end of Young Investors Week 2022. The winners for each competition were announced and gifts were given to all of them as a token of appreciation for their participation. Some of the competitions we had were: TikTok competition (to create educational contents and “Tell us you are a Sunwayian without actually telling us you are a Sunwayian” contents), BNM/Bursa Malaysia quiz, Explorace, most-liked photo posted in socmed, etc. The day was also made special by students’ performances. It was a lay-back event for students to wind down after intense 3-days full of activities.

The overall feedback for the event was good and students found it insightful in helping them to harness their skills and knowledge in becoming better investors in the future. The event was concluded with high hopes that similar engagement sessions can be organised again every year to benefit future students of new intakes.