VU @ Sunway (Victoria University Program) Top Achievers won MICPA Book Prize Award

This prize has been graciously awarded by the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MIPCA) to recognise the dedication and hard work of our top achievers who each scored the highest marks in the third-year accounting units. To commemorate this event, a virtual networking session was held on the 19th of Dec 2020 to celebrate their accomplishment.

The recipients had the opportunity to network, mingle and exchange notes with the MICPA representatives, namely Ms Eileen Grace Lee, Mr Hasiib and Ms Soraya.  They shared about work experiences, prospective career opportunities within the accounting profession as well as general insights into the industry. It was indeed a productive session for all. Once again, congratulations to these VU@ Sunway Program Accounting major students for winning the prestigious book prize!

VU book awards1

VU book awards2

VU book awards3

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VU book awards5