Victoria University at Sunway students come in aid of flood victims

In response, a group of concerned students from the Victoria University Bachelor of Business programme decided to conceive a new project idea under their Social Issues and Community Engagement (SICE) module to serve the immediate needs of those affected by the floods.

VU Floodry

They named their project Floodry. Led by Ng Boon Fung, the student team were on a mission to provide relief and aid to these people. To get access into flood stricken areas, they reached out and worked with ‘Kepong Dumpsters’ (Sukarelawan Bantuan Banjir). Armed with cleaning materials and masks, the students cleaned up houses and cleared out items ravaged by the floods at Taman Klang Utama.

VU Floodry2

They raised funds to purchase much needed daily necessitates. As part of their fund-raising, they advertised the donations platforms established by Sunway Group for donations.  They also collected RM 1520 from their own contacts, and purchased medical and food supplies to aid rescue missions by MUDA. Remaining funds were given to an independent volunteer to purchase mattresses for stranded flood victims. The team also collected and distributed clothes at the relief centres. Throughout this, they managed a social media campaign to update on all mission objectives and deliverables, including education materials on climate change and the environment.