Talk by Artist Shaq Koyok

On the 23rd of January 2018, the Culture and Performance subject team invited an important guest, Shaq Koyok to give a talk on his work as an indigenous artist. Shaq has been an activist and artist for many years, using his art as a way to communicate and educate the public in Malaysia about the condition of aboriginal communities.

His art work which was discussed and showcased during his talk brought to light our consideration of the lives of the community and our lessons in history about their existence. It was a thought provoking and detrimental discussion on what gets omitted and forgotten. His artwork becomes a testimony of these forgotten people and it reminds us of the lives that they live and how governments and politics have systematically marginalised them

We were very grateful that Shaq agreed to speak with us, and we were able to catch him before he left for his research outreach. Shaq is the recipient of the 2017 prestigious Merdeka Grant award. This award will provide research funding and travel grants for him to pursue his interest on indigenous rights.