Sunway A-Level Alumnus Ooi Zhe Ren Pursues Mathematics and Statistics at Oxford

“For myself and a number of my friends, the teaching provided a good preparation for the examinations. The mentor-mentee system proved to be very helpful for my university and scholarship applications, as my mentor, Ms Wong Sock Leng, provided numerous supportive references for me throughout my applications. The university also provides excellent facilities and services for pre-U students. In particular, the campus library provided me with a wide range of resources, both for examination preparations and for further studies on extracurricular topics. In addition, the IOUP also organised information sessions throughout the year on further study destinations, which gave me the opportunity to know better about the universities in which I was interested,” said Ooi Zhe Ren who is pursuing the BA/MMath Mathematics and Statistics at University of Oxford.

The Sunway A-Level alumnus added, “Overall, from my experience, I would say that the Sunway A Level programme serves as a good foundation for students to pursue higher studies. The quality of teaching, the wide range of resources available on campus and the support network for university application all make the A Level programme a valuable preparation for the students’ future.”