Sunway Campus e-Waste Collection Day

Bi-annual campus e-Waste Disposal Collection day was carried out on 19th August 2020 during this pandemic and new norm for the first time.


The campaign started off with a big e-Waste collection bin placed at Sunway University Building foyer from 17th – 19th August 2020 for staff and students to dispose their big e-Waste items.

For smaller e-Waste items such as mobile phones, batteries, chargers, and other electronic components, e-Waste collection bins are available all year long in strategic locations on campus and hostels.

On the e-Waste collection day, a collection truck and workers were on standby at the collection booth to collect:
1.Office e-Waste items from ITS and Facilities departments,
2.Items collected from the big and small e-Waste bins on campus, and
3.Other home e-Waste items brought in by staff and students.

Total waste collection on 19/8/20 = 2,611kg
This twice yearly event is a joint effort by IT Services, Facilities Services, Safety & Health departments, Sunway College Council (SCC) and supported by Student Life Department. The collected e-Waste is properly disposed by a certified e-Waste disposal vendor, approved by (DoE) Department of Environment. The vendor has the same mission as IT Services department as it advocates and supports a cleaner and greener environment.

Total e-Waste collected since the start of this Sunway campus e-Waste campaign in year 2012 is 27,929kg/ton. There are total of 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste disposed every year according to new UN report. Let us make changes by reducing, recycling and reusing the electrical & electronic appliances.

The next Sunway Campus e-Waste Collection Day will be 28th January 2021. Stay tuned.