SDS Hawaiian Fiesta 2022 – First Diploma Physical Event After 2 Years!

The Sunway Diploma Studies (SDS) Hawaiian Fiesta is an appreciation day to honor lecturers for their contribution in shaping future leaders.


After two years since the pandemic, students and lecturers can finally gather to rejoice and have fun. The event was attended by 49 Sunway Diploma Studies lecturers and staff members, as well as more than 500 students from various departments.

The event began with an opening speech by the Director of Sunway Diploma Studies, Puan Adawiah Norli Yusof.

Puan Norli said, the event is themed as Hawaiian, since it symbolized a day where lecturers and students could relax their mind as if they are on vacation in Hawaii.


“This is the first physical event organized by the students of Sunway Diploma Studies as an appreciation day to the lecturers and students who were struggled to combat the unexpected conditions and unprecedented ways during the pandemic.”

“What makes it even more special is that it is entirely organized by semester 1 and 2 Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) students, with assistance from the Sunway Diploma Student Council members and some guidance from the lecturers.”

“Thank you to all of you for organizing such a wonderful event. I hope it works to strengthen the relationship between students and lecturers and all the school members. The pandemic now has come to the end, and we hope to see more physical events like this in future” said Puan Norli.

There were several activities involving both students and lecturers, such as guessing the lecturer from a childhood photo, the hula-hoop challenge, and the best dressed competition.


There were also other musical performances, including a classic performance by lecturers, several performances by students, and some other dance performances by both lecturers and the Sunway Diploma Student Council members.

This event was a big success, especially since it was organized by the first-year students. The pandemic has come to the end, and we hope to see more physical events like this for SDS in future.