SDG event is a huge success & Goes viral

All across Sunway City over 8165 people Joined Hands & Made The Pledge to support the Sustainable Development goals and no venue was more passionate in its desire than Sunway University.

Almost 3000 people from all across Malaysia gathered on the football field to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the goals with a host of A-list speakers, Celebrities, Global Brands and the Raja Muda of Selangor.

Performances, Magic, Opera, cheerleading, and Music by the spectacular Malaysia Military Troupe simply added to the wonderful spectacle the whole day represented.

Colorful & joyful were the keywords of the day as the Sunway family came together as one community.

The group-wide initiative, led by SEG, was a huge success with Tan Sri Cheah adding “The purpose of this initiative was to encourage the youth to embrace & follow the goals & how proud he was of all the Sunway family of their efforts today.“