Scholars Today, Nation Builders Tomorrow

Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah’s motto has always been “I aspire to inspire before I expire”, and no other industry motivates him to do so more than education. Growing up from a small town in Ipoh called Pusing, he saw the necessity of having an education through the eyes of the poor. Since then, he has made it a personal value, as well as a value throughout Sunway to provide quality education to deserving students.

In 2010, the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (JCF) was launched with a commitment to contribute towards nation-building and create a better, sustainable future for all Malaysians. Over the last decade, the Foundation had set about this mission by giving back to society and making quality education affordable and accessible – in perpetuity, said Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah.

So the question that one may ask is, “How have these scholarships helped in the growth of our nation?”, “Who are the scholars – the ones with the brightest minds – and how are they helping to bring our country to the next level?”

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