Physicist in the making, Sunway College JB’s Ng Yu Wei heads to St Andrews

This particular 600-year old institution is known across the globe as a world leader in education, regularly ranking highly in university league tables and scoring well for its research, which places the institution within the top 100 universities.

“Physics is particularly fascinating to me, as it best represents humanity’s effort to make sense of our surroundings. The Physics degree programme in St Andrews will allow me to access opportunities to hone my computational and lab work knowledge and skills further,” shared Yu Wei.


“I tend to spend my free time with computers and electronics. By doing so, I have become quite proficient in computer programming. I am familiar with programming languages such as C, Python and Fortran. I have also taken the time to familiarise myself with tools such as LaTeX, which is prominent for creating scientific papers.”

With his computer programming abilities, this young lad who aspires to be a Theoretical Physicist managed to devise several simulations from simple physics equations such as projectile motion, conservation of linear momentum collisions and orbital simulation with Newton's inverse squared law of gravitation.

“Through the simulations, I witnessed how the equations behave when given extreme conditions, comprehensive variable calculations and how they compare to our actual observations.”

“The lecturers in Sunway College JB truly contributed a lot to my achievement throughout my A-level studies. They enabled conducive learning and were all very approachable, responding to our questions promptly.

They were also good at pointing out the key topics to study while allocating time for question and answer with students during classes. My classmates were also really focused and diligent, which motivated me not to fall behind.”

We know that Yu Wei will translate his passion and dedication to the science into academic excellence and achieve great things in the future!