One of the Little Three Ivies

My A-Levels journey at Sunway College started in January 2020. I vividly remember sitting in JC Hall during orientation, entertained by the performances of the many clubs and societies Sunway college had to offer. A-Level Student Council (ALSCO) caught my attention. Knowing I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, I signed up to be part of the student council in order that I can contribute to the college community.

long yuxuan

Despite the pandemic, Sunway College still gave us the opportunity to organize and host virtual events for the student body. Through these events, I learned to communicate and work well with peers, developing soft skills which would be important during my university applications. As a Further Mathematics student, my workload was challenging. However, my mentor, Mr. Yong, helped me tremendously — guiding me through my academic struggles many of them virtually, and aiding in my university admissions.

I completed my A-Levels education in June 2021. With the pandemic still looming, I wasn’t ready to pursue further education. I took a gap year — volunteering, raising money for the White Flag Movement through my family-founded volunteer organization, competing in Wushu performances and tournaments, but most importantly — finding myself.
The guidance counselors and mentors at Sunway were friendly and extremely helpful during my application process. Director Ruth Cheah ensured that I received the assistance I needed to file a comprehensive application that increases my chances of success.

Ultimately, I set my sights on a few top-tier universities in the US with Wesleyan University as one of the top choices. Wesleyan University together with two other colleges are known as the 3 Little Ivies given their academically competitive environment, standards of academic excellence, and highly selective admissions comparable to the Ivy League. Wesleyan’s ideologies encompass who I strive to be: a well-rounded person, intellectually curious in various fields, and someone who thrives when surrounded by a helpful and tight-knit community. On March 26th, I was selected as the only Malaysian to be awarded the prestigious Freeman Asian Scholarship.

The Freeman Asian Scholarship from Wesleyan University awards only one student from each of eleven different Asian countries. It covers a full-tuition scholarship, along with other expenses (books, housing, meals, and flight tickets), and is aimed at deepening the understanding between the US and the countries of East Asia. The program’s goals are for scholars to become leaders in their home country. I aim to deliver on both of these goals. At Wesleyan, I plan to double major in Economics and Computer Science and minor in Data Analysis.