Mentor & Mentee Reunion: Celebrating 10 Cohorts of Excellence!

The Sunway Mentoring Programme celebrated the completion of its 10th cohort recently by reuniting both Mentors and Mentees for a meaningful luncheon and reunion session. This programme is designed to groom top students through coaching sessions, focusing on core competencies which are highly sought after in the workplace. Mentors and mentees commit 6 months of their time to this very beneficial programme. All mentors are Sunway Alumni while mentees are students from the LEAP Platinum programme, completing their final year of studies.

10 Cohorts of Excellence!

It was very heartening to hear testimonials from both mentors and mentees, sharing the many benefits gained from participating in this wonderful opportunity.

We congratulate all mentees for completing this programme and are thankful for all Sunway Alumni who served as mentors and cannot wait to celebrate our next milestone!