Giving Priority to Mental Health

AUSMAT Mental Health Workshop

With the theme Peer Pressure: Facing Challenges, the workshop’s objective was to discuss and create awareness on the impacts of peer influence on oneself as well as to tackle challenges caused by peer pressure. As participants walked in, they were greeted with a warm welcome to a venue decorated with colourful balloons and soothing background music being played. Participants were asked to write their opinion on coloured sticky notes relating to a question on peer pressure. These notes were then placed onto a whiteboard for reflection by all participants.

Upon introduction by the emcees, the guest speakers then conducted a session with topics on positive and negative effects of peer pressure and ways to manage peer pressure. The student council then led the next session with some activities. The mental health bingo game got all participants on their feet as they mingled with everyone while discovering their coping strategies in handling challenges. The middle ground activity provided a space for participants to share their views and learn from each other on questions raised by the council regarding mental health and wellbeing.

The workshop concluded with an open mic session from both speakers, providing the opportunity for participants to get advice from the speakers on issues concerning peer pressure and mental health. Some participants also pre-registered for an additional session on career exploration with the guest speakers which was held after completion of the workshop.

Overall, the workshop achieved its objective and was very informative with the planned activities led by the AUSMAT student council in addition to the sessions done by the guest speakers.