Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything 3.0

Last month, Sunway Peer Counselling Volunteers organised the Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything (ENAE) campaign for the third consecutive year, consisting of two parts carried out over the course of two days.

Food Distribution

Inspired by the success of ENAE 2.0 last year, the first part of this campaign was conducted to extend students’ gratitude and appreciation towards the janitorial and security staff at Sunway University|College. Sunway PCV had raised funds from selling snacks and collecting donations in campus to provide free meals for all of the staff. Additionally, ‘Thank You’ notes were collected from students around campus who wished to express their gratitude towards the staff, which were distributed along with the meals by PCV members.

We believe gratitude goes a long way in making someone’s day, but too often do we not express it. As students of Sunway, we are fortunate enough to have dedicated staff who work tirelessly to keep our campus safe and clean, thus we hope that the goal of this campaign was achieved in acknowledging their effort.

Part 2 - Visit to Drug Rehab Centre

The second half of the campaign involved a visit, limited to PCV members to Community Excel Service (CES) Breakthrough Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Petaling Jaya the following day. As a whole, the visit was extremely informative and eye-opening as we were allowed to experience a day in the life of the centre-goers, each of whom have their own unique backgrounds. In addition to learning about addiction, we had the chance to meet many of the centre-goers and listen to their individual stories that gave us a lot of insight on how struggling with addiction is like. They also shared with us their rehabilitation process at the centre as well as their experiences with withdrawal, relapse, and recovery. The centre does an excellent job at providing ongoing physical and emotional support, creating a family-like community for the centre-goers.

On a personal note, Sunway PCV would like to thank CES Rehab Centre for providing us with this experiential opportunity and are looking forward for future visits or collaborations

Overall, ENAE 3.0 concluded successfully as we believe that the goal of the campaign in relation with its namesake, i.e. Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything was achieved and instilled in our members. Sunway PCV would like to express our thanks to all participants, volunteers, and clubs that contributed to the success of this campaign. We hope to have your continued support in our upcoming events!