Excellent Results from MUFY Class of July 2020

Arminder Singh Punn

MUFY at Sunway College KL shines yet again in the June 2020 examinations with the following outstanding achievements:

  • MUFY at Sunway College KL was top in 22 out of 24 subjects among all MUFY providers worldwide.
  • Arminder Singh Punn received the MUFY Excellence Award for achieving the highest average score of 99.75%.
  • Out of 391 graduates, 116 (30%) students received the Monash University High Achiever Award Scholarship for achieving an average score of 89% and above.
  • 266 (68%) students obtained an overall High Distinction score by achieving an overall 80% and above.


Congratulations to all our MUFY students! We applaud their achievements and wish them all the success in their future endeavours.