Bursa Malaysia Engagement Session for students of Diploma in Business Administration

The event was held on the 13th of September 2021 and was attended by approximately 200 participants, ranging from DIBA lecturers, students of Principles of Business Finance 1, including students from other diploma programs such as Diploma in Finance and students from Velocity campus. The event was graced by the presence of two executives from the Education Unit of Bursa Malaysia, En. Ahmad Ridwan Mohd Ihsan and En. Khairul Amizan Abd Rahman. The speaker of the event is Mr. Shane Choo, the Director of LifeChamp and a well-known financial speaker who has done various projects with Bursa Malaysia.


The main objective of the event is to enhance students’ financial literacy, by introducing them to the financial market environment in Malaysia as well as to expose them with some of the technical skills in investment to complement the fundamental analysis they learn in class.

Among many topics presented were on the importance of investing, fundamental and technical analysis in share investment, basic process in share investment as well as the functions of Bursa Academy. Students participation was encouraging with a healthy amount of questions received during the Q&A session. Some of the memorable questions received were about the minimum amount of required to start investing in the stock market, calculation of stock intrinsic value, industry to focus on post-pandemic era and the current standing of Forex and Bitcoin trading.

The overall feedback for the event was good and students found it insightful in helping them to harness their skills and knowledge in becoming better investors in the future. The event was concluded with high hopes that similar engagement sessions can be organised again every year to benefit future students of new intakes.