Applied Business Challenge (ABC): VU@ Sunway

There has been a significant rise in the population of stray animals in Malaysia during this Covid-19 pandemic. One of the reasons is that many strays are usually neglected and grow without proper care which led to a population increase substantially. The number of strays has risen since the pandemic and thus far, little has been done to manage the strays. Therefore, rooted in the desire to make a change, Team Pawsome collaborated with the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) Malaysia; a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is a KL-based volunteer animal welfare group that works with local communities that managed the community strays since 2012. Due to the decline in donations TNRM’s pressing need was to cover their operational cost amounting to RM10K+.


Team Pawsome’s core purpose was to raise awareness on the importance of neutering to reduce the number of strays and to raise funds In 7 weeks, Team Pawsome successfully raised a collective of RM12,104.93 for TNRM!!! Via their TNRM Fundraiser and the collaborated event ABC Charihunt 2022. Team Pawsome ‘s TNRM Fundraiser was to sell pet treat bundles and cookies at dog parks, via social media and at Sunway Boulevard booth in Sunway College.

ABC CHARIHUNT 2022,was the major event where 15 Charity Challenge teams of the ABC cohort collaborated . This event was a first-of-its kind to be organised by ABC and the VU@Sunway program. This collaborative effort to the individual charity challenge teams’ respective funds raised by their respective minor events.